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          We are an organization, managed by professionals with high ethical business standards, focused in Latin America and strategically positioned at Panamá to lead and develop new markets internationally and to provide an excellent level of support and outstanding services to each and every one of its customers.


DLT, Inc. aims to be the leading Company of Chartering and Trading in the Region. We are committed to be a reliable company and a first class solutions provider, by creating value through sustainable and efficient growth.


DLT, Inc. strives to provide professional services and effective chartering & trading solutions by continuously applying our skills, passion and enthusiasm. We do our best to add value to all customers through innovation, efficiency and our strong networks in different industries. We offer challenging and equal opportunities, respecting and trusting each other, and behaving as ethical and responsible administrators in the countries where we operate.


DLT, Inc. is committed to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions in Chartering, Logistics and Trading that suit their needs. Our management philosophy “Modus et Ordo” (Method and Order) is based on our main goal, to offer safe, reliable and cost-effective chartering and logistics solutions in order to ensure maximum satisfaction of the customer.

Our dynamic, skilled and experienced team continuously contributes to enhance our internal process at forefront of the industry’s best practice.

Chartering Division

Our DLT professional and knowledgeable broker team works on immediate and personal contacts and a constant 24 hour availability, which means quick fixtures for the mutual interest of the owners and the charterers.

Our scope of services includes the following contract types:
  • Spot charter
  • CoA charter
  • Time charter
These contracts are applicable to several kinds of cargoes, like:
  • Bulk (solids, liquids, gaseous)
  • Multipurpose/break bulk
  • Projects
  • Container fitted (LPG / LNG)
Trading Division

Trading & Procurement Area

This area comprises the procurement business of machinery and equipment, which provides support for whole industry, we may provide complete solutions for production machinery, with a focus on the raw material production and transformation industry. We also develops and supplies equipment and accessories for solar generation and illumination systems.

Projects & Services Area

In the Projects business, we cover business proposals, engineering development, procurement,  construction and commissioning. On the other hand, the division develops Service of Maintenance contracts.

Energy Distribution Projects
  • Power Distribution Centers
  • Motor Control Centers
  •  Distribution panels
Lighting Systems Projects
  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Outdoors
  • Industrial and classified areas
  • Solar Energy
Service and Maintenance Projects
  • Engineering, Consulting
  • Power and Control Retrofit and Upgrade
  • Full service contracts, spare parts, technical assistance in the field and / or workshop
  • On Site Repair
  • Contracts for Predictive, Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

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